The Rules of Tennis

  • The tennis court

Corridors: they are only used for doubles (2 to 2) and therefore have no use if you play in single (1 to 1))

Service squares: delineation of the service rebound area to start the point

The tennis net: an obstacle over which the tennis ball must pass to play a point

The court bottom line: the greatest distance where the ball can end up against the tennis net

The median line: the line separating the 2 Service squares.

The โ€œTโ€: intersection of the two service square lines with the median line forming the letter โ€œTโ€.

It is important to note that a tennis ball that touches even a very small line is considered good!

If you want to know the specific terms of tennis consult our glossary!

  • How to win a set

You must be able to win 6 games with at least 2 games of difference , otherwise you can go up to 7 but not more than 7/5, if the score is 6/6 you will have to play a tie-break (game decide see below). We can see that in the amateurs it is necessary to win 2 sets to win a match and in the pros it is necessary 3 but only in Grand Slam (all other tournaments are played in 2 sets winners).

  • How to win a game

The game is played in 4 points (15, 30, 40 and the point to win the game). You have to be able to win your game with 2 points of difference , if this is not the case and that the 2 tennis players are 40/40 , you will have to play at least 2 additional points that must be won by the same person (advantage then point of the game). A game always starts in the right diagonal, and one always announces the score of the server first before each point so as not to get lost.

How to win a point: a point is won from the moment a ball is out of the tennis court’s limits (outside the lines) or ends up in the net.

  • Rules of tennis service

To start a point at tennis you have to make a ball hit without bouncing back from the diagonal court bottom line that has to fall back into the service Square. This strike can be performed from the top but also from the bottom (more surprising). The bottom strike commonly called Spoon engagement allows beginner amateurs to put the ball right and avoid double fouls!

  • Game

Counting the points in tennis, a game consists of 4 points.

We count the server points first.

No point: zero

First point : 15

Second point : 30

Third point : 40

Fourth point: game

If both players scored 3 points, then we count โ€œ40Aโ€

After “40A”, the next point is marked “advantage” for the player who wins it. If the same player wins another point then he wins the “game”. Otherwise the two players go back to “equality” (i.e. ” 40A “).

  • To win a match you have to win 2 sets

One set, six games. When there is “5-5″, you have to go up to 7 games. If there is ” 6-6 “then a” tie break ” is created. The “deciding game” counts differently from the other games. Indeed, the score of points is counted ” Zero “, ” 1 “, ” 2 “, ” 3 “, … up to 7. The first player with 7 points wins the “deciding game”and the set, provided he has 2 points on his opponent. If there is “6-6”, then the deciding game will continue until there is a 2 point spread.

At the beginning of the “deciding game”, the player who starts in the service will serve once, then each will serve twice until the end of the tie-break.

  • Server and restart: one player on each side of the net

The “server” is the player who puts the ball into play for the first point. He has the right to two balls to start the point, but if he does not pass either of his two balls, then he will lose the point as soon as the engagement.

The “relancer”, is the player who is about to return the ball served by his opponent.

  • Choice of side and service

Before starting the match, the choice of side and the right to be a server or a reviver will be decided by a draw. It is the draw winner who First chooses either the side of the field for the first game, or to serve or raise. And the other player can decide on the remaining choice.

  • Side change

At the end of the first game, players change sides. Then both games until the end of the set. In the deciding game, the side change is made every six points. Here is an overview of the Basic Rules to know in tennis to start this sport properly.

Now it’s your turn to enjoy !!!