Benefits of Playing Tennis

You want to get fit and have fun? So, think about tennis! A favourite pastime for some and a professional and flourishing career for others, tennis is an international sport that has existed for centuries and is part of history. Whether you have ever walked the fields or never held a snowshoe, tennis is a balanced sport with many benefits. Why start today? Here are some reasons to jump on the train.

  • Easy to start playing

Are you ready for a treasure hunt? Pick up a T-shirt, take out your sneakers and go looking for a ball, preferably one that leaps. You can fly your dog. Dust off your racket. Don’t you have one? Borrow one from a friend, family member or neighbour. If it doesn’t work, you can buy a used racket.
Last step : browse the website of your municipality to find tennis courts. It is likely that there are some very close to you. Take everything you found with you and go to the fields. You don’t even have to bring a partner. You’ll probably find it on one of the grounds. If there are none, you can still improve your technique by hitting bullets against a solid wall. Simple, isn’t it?Perhaps one of the most attractive things about tennis is that it is a simple sport that is easy to approach and does not require perilous research. Everything you need to play is probably in the vicinity of your home. Otherwise, it’s very easy to find them.

  • For all ages

Not only is it easy to start playing, but you can do it at any age. For children whose eye-hand dexterity and coordination are not perfect, tennis is a tangible example of the mechanics of these skills. It allows them to socialize and develop in an exciting and stimulating environment. For teenagers, tennis is both a social and a physical activity. It offers them the opportunity to improve the skills they learned in childhood and to acquire new ones. Adolescents can improve their flexibility and strength surrounded by friends who share the same goals. Not to mention learning the values of healthy competition. Adults already have the basic skills to start playing with partners of any age. They already have the skills to walk and run, as well as some coordination they can use in tennis. Bring your skills and your sneakers to the field and have fun!

  • A unique opportunity to make friends

Presented as one of the great advantages of tennis, the sense of camaraderie allows any age and level of play to share the love of tennis with other people. Those with a common interest in sport often have other affinities that lead to sincere friendships. If you want to feel free for a day, go to your tennis club to share your passion with your new friends.

  • Incalculable health benefits

At first glance, it is obvious that tennis has a considerable physical impact. Aerobics strengthen the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) and anaerobics improve the functioning of the musculoskeletal system (muscles and joints). However, the physical benefits are even greater.Aerobic and anaerobic activities produce peptides that promote tissue regeneration, repair torn muscles, and fight inflammatory problems. Tennis is both an aerobic and anaerobic activity and contributes directly to maintaining a healthy endocrine system.Sport biomechanics involves the use of major groups of muscles and joints, making them work simultaneously when the racket hits the ball. These movements help improve certain skills such as coordination, dexterity, use of muscles, not to mention speed and flexibility.